Copeland Walker Speaks


As we approached the evening of December 22, 2019, we had no idea how that night was going to look. There were so many unknowns and so many questions. All we could do was trust God, trust our doctors, and move forward.

Copeland Allen Walker was born, but he was not breathing. After two tries, the doctor told us we needed to begin saying goodbye. After pleading for one more try, she did… and little cries began to come out of Copeland.

That is when Matt brought him to me, and I saw my son for the first time. The most beautiful boy I had ever seen; who would’ve known he was so sick? He was amazing from head to toe.

We spent every moment talking to Copeland, telling him how loved he was and how badly we wanted him to stay. As our pastors prayed over us, after nearly an hour with our boy, I began to feel his breathing labor. It was time for him leave us to be with Jesus. Those 55 minutes were a gift, but never would be enough time.

Because of Copeland, we have gained more riches than we thought possible. Our loss is deep and still cuts to the core everyday we aren’t with him, but God has shown his face to us through our marriage, our relationships with family and friends, and most of all, our faith. Our son died, but brought us faith that has not been shaken once. We don’t believe that God took our son — we believe that the story isn’t over and life still wins over death.

Because of Copeland, we share our testimony and how faith can triumph even in death and sorrow. Our brave lion boy is still fully alive in our hearts. Through faith, Copeland still speaks.


Not many people or organizations get down in the trenches of darkness with you, but Abel Speaks does. This ministry has walked alongside us through the hardest times of our life.

We believe that as Copeland’s mom and dad, we have an amazing opportunity to share his story and share our testimony — a testimony that is still being made as we continue to seek God through sorrow.

We now get that same opportunity to walk with hurting parents through the valley of the shadow of death as Abel Speaks mentors, which is one of the ways we see Copeland’s legacy go forth and expand.

As we reach his 4th birthday, we’d love to invite you to be a part of our son’s ongoing impact as well by partnering with Abel Speaks. You can make a donation in Copeland’s honor, and those funds will help serve more families like ours who reach out for support next year. Thank you for considering, and thank you for your support and encouragement.

-Taylor & Matt Walker


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