Cyrus Schindler Speaks


Our son Cyrus Stone Schindler is our second born son, and we are proud to call him our own. Our journey with him started like almost every other pregnancy – full of excitement and expectation! We were about to transition from one to two kids in our home and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Hampton (our oldest) started to understand that mama had a baby in her belly, we had told friends and family and shared with the world that another baby was coming soon.

Walking the journey of child loss through a life-limiting diagnosis took our breath away. Finding out at a routine anatomy scan that his body wasn’t meant for this side of Heaven, awaiting every appointment to be sure that he was still with us or not, and even waiting for the ultimate outcome of his journey to Heaven, getting there sooner than any of us. Each day held unending grief and even still, unending Grace to take it day by day.

At 35 weeks, we finally got to meet him as a family. He passed during labor which our team well prepared us could happen, and while we didn’t get to experience any life with him outside of the womb, it didn’t take a second away from the life he live in the womb. Each trip, memory, photo, and moment we experienced with him in the womb showed us that he was indeed with us every step of the way.

Our journey as a family of four started when he was conceived.
Our journey as parents of two started when we found out we were pregnant with our second baby.
Hampton has been a big brother since the moment we knew another baby was coming.

We are honored that the Lord chose us to be Cyrus’ family, and we carry his legacy now and for forever. Knowing that we will be united one day, and what a joyful day that will be. Reunited with Cyrus, and ultimately reunited with Christ.


One of the greatest privileges as a parent is to know that your child had an impact on someone’s life.

For Cyrus, and for families who donate to Abel Speaks in his honor, it brings us so much joy knowing that not only will another family experience the support and love we did, but ultimately that his life has incredible meaning.

Every person who donates reminds us that we are seen as a family, and ultimately that every baby in the womb matters and has a beautiful life. No matter the circumstance.

By faith, Cyrus still speaks!

-Brian & Hannah Schindler


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