David Elliot Hairston


David was a surprise but he has changed us all. Thousands of hearts shifted by one little life that breathed 9 hours.

Carrying David and saying goodbye was the hardest thing I have done, but I wouldn’t change it or wish it away. It took every ounce of me daily, both spiritually and physically (with severe polyhydramnios). Each day I said, “Surely this is far as I can go,” but the Lord beckoned one more day each day.

His birth was set apart and God’s hand was upon me protecting us both. My kids prayed to meet their brother alive, and God was gracious to their pleas. We got to make forever family memories that we will treasure forever.

We speak of him daily, loving and missing him always with deep gratitude. We will continue to grieve because we continue to love him. But may the Lord use it all, may his Kingdom advance, and may we all the more purposefully live each day and anxiously await His return. God’s purposes are hard but perfect, for they are in the perspective of eternity and set upon Kingdom purposes, to call lost home and make his bride ready.

God taught us the value of human life — initially wanted or not — loved by God and created with purpose. Life is a gift from God in any circumstance, and we will never not love and serve those whom he creates.


As we approach David’s 1st birthday, the simple giving and acknowledgment of his life and value is huge.

We hope to help other families who feel alone find hope in community with God’s people who have walked this road and will walk it with them — to provide for Abel Speaks to keep tangibly blessing families with spontaneous gifts that are so needed.

May babies’ lives be saved and may joy be experienced in the midst of the sorrow for every family who carries a baby with life limiting diagnosis. May the world be turned upside down.

Thank you for helping us pay this kind of support forward. By faith, David still speaks!

-Mallory & Colin Hairston


Your generous giving allows Abel Speaks to support families like ours. Thank you for your partnership as we seek to ensure that every family will cherish their child’s life and have hope in the midst of sorrow!

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