Ezra Oum Speaks


Kevin and I found out we were pregnant May 22,2022. As nervous and scared as we were, we still felt honored to be this child’s parents. My pregnancy progressed as normal as I had thought, or assumed. We had the normal scan eight-week scan to check for viability, and to make sure baby implanted in utero. All those boxes checked off, and I assumed all was well.

We then had out twenty week anatomy scan on September 12, 2022. This scan was supposed to tell us the gender, and all the happy moments that pregnancy brings. Little did we know this was where our dreams, and world would all come crashing down. We left that appointment pretty naive assuming all was well because our tech never mentioned anything, but most can’t say if something is not right.

My OB called me on September 13, 2022, and he said, “I am sorry Rebekah things do not look well, your baby will not live outside of you.” In that moment, my soul broke, so he went on to say baby has cystic hygroma, fetal hydrops, and IUGR. I had no idea what all these terms met, all I knew was she was not going to live here with Kevin and I. From then on, I was referred an MFM in our area. We had a very long scan and she pointed all the complications out, which was so heartbreaking because all you want is for this to be wrong. Our MFM explained to us that it was a chromosomal disorder, and we could determine the exact diagnosis with some tests. We went the test route, and this test also told us the gender. We waited a few days for those test results to come in, and our sweet baby was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome Monosomy X — and baby was a GIRL (Turner syndrome only effects girls because she is missing a whole X chromosome). When we were told this news, it was not shocking to know the diagnosis, but shocking to know she will pass and never touch earth.

There was no question in our mind to still carry her as long as she would stay, and as long as the Lord blesses us with days with her. Ezra surpassed some statistics. She was estimated a life of twenty weeks. Sweet Ezra stayed with us for 24weeks and 2days. She was born into the arms of Jesus on October 12, 2022. She was 2Ibs 12oz, and 12inches long. She and always will be perfection. It is a gift and an honor to be her parents.

By faith Ezra still speaks!


We are choosing to run this campaign because without people’s faithful giving many of us would feel so alone, and isolated. It is because of the giving our families are able to seek support, and not feel so alone in this journey. Abel Speaks has given us the most support and love. To feel seen, and heard. A safe space to celebrate and grieve. This space is incredibly important to our journey with Ezra. We are honored that we met them because of Ezra.

-Rebekah & Kevin


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