We have worked with over a dozen different life-limiting diagnoses, ranging from Turner syndrome to Trisomy 18 to anencephaly. The common implication is that, if true, these diagnoses will likely limit the time a parent will get to enjoy with their child. This was what our founders experienced with their firstborn son, Abel Paul. However, their story and this mission show that parents can choose to cherish their child’s life and experience joy and hope even in the midst of sorrow — and they don’t have to do it alone.

We can serve your family at any point in the pregnancy, but we would encourage you to reach out as early as possible. Practically speaking, a longer the runway from diagnosis to delivery provides more time to prepare medically, relationally and emotionally. Our organization is rooted in relationships, so the more time we have to connect and walk with you on the front end of delivery, the better.

We have seen that support truly can (and does) change stories. Our approach is rooted in relationships, so first and foremost, our families are offered a “mentor couple” who has walked this same road. To see the other tangible services we offer, you can visit our Services page (abelspeaks.org/services).

No. The mission of Abel Speaks is made possible by generous donors so that all support services are provided free of charge.

Absolutely. We believe that support changes stories, and are passionate about capturing and sharing those stories on our Stories page (abelspeaks.org/stories). To watch our founders’ story and how it led to the creation of Abel Speaks, you can watch this video (abelspeaks.org/about).

  1. When a new family contacts us, we reply to set up a time to connect in person or over Zoom.
  2. Following that initial conversation, we’ll send a summary email with next steps and initial resources.
  3. Family follows up to confirm which services they would like, and begins to connect with that care team.
  4. We’ll reach out to evaluate and discuss your medical team and help you prepare for a NICU consultation.
  5. Additional resources and personalized keepsakes are mailed to you for equipping and encouragement.
  6. Throughout the journey, we’ll continue to check in, ask for prayer requests, and be available to you.
  7. We’ll set up a final conversation to discuss your birth plan, delivery, and care team logistics (as applicable).
  8. On baby’s birthday, we offer to send an email of prayer requests to our Abel Speaks community.
  9. We’ll be available throughout your hospital stay, ready to process any circumstances and decisions as they develop.
  10. If that time comes, we’ll help you plan a celebration of life service to honor your child.
  11. We’ll walk with you for 1 year after delivery, whether caregiving or post-passing, as we remember milestones alongside you and send additional keepsake items to honor your child.


Rooted in God’s Word and applicable for every one of His image-bearers, our mission is founded on and tethered to the following foundational beliefs.


Every life is created by God with a plan and a purpose.


Comfort can always be found in Christ and community.


Our pain is never pointless, and joy can co-exist with suffering.


God knows our days and each one is a gift.


Through Christ, we can live with a redemptive eternal perspective and death is not the end of the story.