Cleft Palate

“Even though facial clefts are one of the most common birth differences in the U.S., parents may struggle to find specialized medical professionals to care for a child with cleft palate or cleft lip and palate. Working closely with young patients and their families, our goal is to repair and restore each child physically, psychologically and socially. We offer facial and dental imaging services and even 3D surgical planning for more complex surgeries.

A cleft palate occurs when the tissues that form the roof of the mouth don’t join together before birth. The opening can be repaired with reconstructive plastic surgery.

The effects of cleft palate run much deeper, causing functional changes in a child’s breathing, hearing, speaking and eating. With our multidisciplinary approach, we provide necessary and related evaluations and therapies, in multiple appointments on the same day. We focus on each child’s total health and well-being with services that also support self-esteem and your child’s emotional health.” Read More


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