Potter Syndrome

Potter sequence is the atypical physical appearance of a baby due to oligohydramnios experienced when in the uterus.[1] It includes clubbed feetpulmonary hypoplasia and cranial anomalies related to the oligohydramnios.[clarification needed] Oligohydramnios is the decrease in amniotic fluid volume sufficient to cause deformations in morphogenesis of the baby.

Oligohydramnios is the cause of Potter sequence but there are many things that can lead to oligohydramnios. It can be caused by renal diseases such as bilateral renal agenesis (BRA), atresia of the ureter or urethra causing obstruction of the urinary tract, polycystic or multicystic kidney diseases, renal hypoplasiaamniotic rupture, toxemia, or uteroplacental insufficiency from maternal hypertension.

The term Potter sequence was initially intended to only refer to cases caused by BRA;[citation needed] however, it is now commonly used by many clinicians and researchers to refer to any case that presents with oligohydramnios or anhydramnios regardless of the source of the loss of amniotic fluid.[citation needed]


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