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We have been trying for a family for years, and after having our miracle boy, Jacob, in May of 2021, we hoped to have a sibling for Jacob. We were thrilled to learn in March that we were pregnant, and in May, we learned it was another boy. We excitedly began to prepare for the arrival of our second son, and at the end of the first trimester, shared the joyous news with friends, family, and our two year old son, Jacob.

The pregnancy was going smoothly until we had our routine 20 week anatomy ultrasound in early July. We learned at that appointment that our sweet boy had bilateral multicystic dysplastic kidneys. This means that his kidneys did not form properly, they were composed of cysts, and there was no normal tissue. His kidneys could not function, which meant that he was unable to produce urine. What we also learned that day is that after about 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s urine becomes the amniotic fluid and that is what the baby must breathe for his or her lungs to develop. Henry, without functioning kidneys, was unable to produce urine and therefore had no amniotic fluid to breathe to develop his lungs. His growth was also restricted, given that he lacked the room to grow that amniotic fluid provides. Henry’s lungs could not develop as needed to be able to breathe once born. This made his condition unsurvivable. Our doctors at Texas Childrens’ were extremely supportive in our desire to honor Henry’s life. They were very clear that there was a high risk that he would not survive to term. If he did, he may not survive the C-section (required due to prior surgeries that Ashley needed), and if he survived that, we may have mere minutes with him.

We began doing weekly ultrasounds at 28 weeks gestation, so that we could keep a close eye on Henry. Our prayer was that we would meet him alive. During our 32 week ultrasound, Henry was showing signs of distress, and the doctors advised we needed to deliver Henry.

Henry James Gordon was born on September 26, 2023 at 9:42am. He weighed 2 pounds and 12 ounces and was 14 inches long. He was tiny but beautiful and perfect. God blessed us with an hour with Henry and during that hour, we held him, kissed him, loved him, sang to him, prayed over him and baptized him. We miss Henry more than we can possibly express, but we have hope. Hope because we know that we will be with Henry for eternity. We will be reunited and we will praise the Lord together.


Abel Speaks has provided wonderful support for us. During this journey, we often felt so alone, and Abel Speaks connected us with other couples who were traveling this same road or had previously lost a child to a life limiting condition. They also provided beautiful memorabilia that will help us keep Henry’s memory alive forever. Abel Speaks’ support let us know that we were not alone, that Henry was appreciated and loved, no matter how brief his time on earth. We would like to support Abel Speaks so they can continue to help other couples who are traveling this difficult road.

Henry still speaks!

-David & Ashley Gordon


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