JC Wheat Speaks


We went in for my anatomy scan at 18 weeks. The tech commented on how active my baby was, and she also confirmed it was a little boy. We already knew this from doing an early blood test, but it was nice to have it reaffirmed.

She found a very strong heartbeat. I was elated to say the least. All of my worries went away. She saw everything she needed to see from his wiggly toes and fingers and all the major organs in the torso. She mentioned that she was having issues getting good measurements of his head. Even though I was measuring 18 weeks with everything, his head was only measuring 14–15 weeks.

My doctor came in bursting out information about the baby’s “skull not closing.” I had never heard of this, but I figured it was something they would fix itself later on. I knew things were serious when he wanted me to see Maternal-Fetal Medicine the same day. The MFM doctor came in and scans me. His scan took maybe 1 minute max when he said “I’ve seen what I needed to see.”

Jeremy and I looked at each other and knew it was bad. He simply told us that “your son has a fatal birth defect, and is not expected to survive after birth.” It was that day that we first heard the word anencephaly, and that was our son’s diagnosis.


Abel Speaks helped us with figure out the right questions to ask doctors and caregivers, connected us with other families who have walked this unfortunate road, and given us countless amounts of memorable keepsakes to help keep JC’s name alive.

We want to support Abel Speaks by raising money for them so families who are unfortunately walking this same road don’t have to walk it alone.

By faith, JC still speaks!

-Jeremy & Beckie Wheat


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