Juniper Holle Speaks


In July of 2021 we were surprised by a pregnancy! What a blessing! But if we are honest we were nervous. 4 kids — could we do it?

As each day ticked by we became more and more excited! At baby’s 9 week ultrasound the radiologist noted that something didn’t look quiet right with the heart. I will forever be shocked by that; the baby is the size of a gummy bear, the heart was so incredibly tiny.

We hoped it was nothing, but planned an extra 13 week ultrasound. At this ultrasound, the doctor informed us that something was definitely wrong with this baby’s jaw. Usually jaw issues are a bigger indicator of a genetic issue. We did some extra testing, but nothing threw up a red flag, so we motored on.

At an extra 16 week ultrasound, the doctor came in and said she would start with the good news. She walked through all the ways that Juniper was “okay.” And then she proceeded to tell us all the ways that she was “not okay.”

After all of that life-altering information, the team pulled us to a small room and told us that our best option would be to terminate the pregnancy. We were devestated. We also couldn’t make that decision.

I remember reaching out to a “peloton mom’s” facebook group, asking them how to tell the older siblings about their sister. In that thread, a handful of women spoke up and told me to reach out to Abel Speaks. Our lives were forever changed as they poured hope, love and grace upon us. Constantly covering us in prayers, they offered us holistic support and practical help to walk us through Juniper’s pregnancy.

Because of their love and support, we carried Juniper to 30.5 weeks, where we gave birth to her, alive for only a few minutes. Her heart was never formed to live here, and her lower jaw was completely missing, a disease called “Agnathia”.

None of those things mattered once we saw her though. We saw that her second toe was longer than the first, just like all of ours. We saw that her little hands were long and slender. Her hair was soft, her cheeks kissable. We loved her deeply, and we love her still.

We will forever be grateful for the kind and compassionate way that Abel Speaks stepped in and cared for us during our season with Juniper.


When we received Juniper’s diagnosis our world crumbled beneath our feet. We were inundated with doubt, and the endless question circle of “what do we do?” ran around in our heads.

When we found Abel Speaks, it changed all of that. They trusted so fully that Juniper was made in the image of God and held value despite her life-limiting diagnosis.

Her pregnancy wasn’t easy, but Abel Speaks made us feel supported and loved. They provided us with resources like a mentor couple, books, and continuous prayers.

We want to run this giving campaign to honor our daughter’s memory by helping to provide that same support for another family… another loved baby.

By faith, Juniper still speaks!

-Megan & Jason Holle


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