Millie Fowler Speaks


We found out through the NIPT test that our baby girl, Millie, was “high risk” for Trisomy-13. At 17 weeks, her life-limiting diagnosis was confirmed.

We planned to terminate at 22 weeks because that’s the soonest any clinic could get us in, but my heart wasn’t at peace with that decision. I couldn’t sleep, and I was so unsettled that we decided to go in for one more ultrasound to just confirm she had that many complications.

When we went in at 21 weeks, we found out she wasn’t as sick as we thought. I knew that was God telling us to carry and fight for our Millie girl, so we did just that. We canceled our appointment to terminate that day.

We went in every two weeks for viability scans and she grew right on track. She was defying all the odds and made it all the way to 38 weeks.

In true Millie fashion, she came in her own way on her own time. I went into my last doctors appointment three days before my induction date, and wound up having pre-eclampsia and had to get admitted. Two hours after getting admitted, I was having an emergency C-section due to her heart rate dropping.

God had his hand through all of this. If I didn’t have that doctor’s appointment, we would’ve lost our Millie girl that night and been induced a couple days later for a still birth. God knew we needed to meet her alive, and we did.

We got two beautiful days with her before she passed away peacefully in our arms.


Abel Speaks changed everything about our journey. While we didn’t reach out to them until after Millie had passed away, they have still walked with us through the worst time of our lives in such a positive and gentle way.

They hosted us for a retreat with other Abel Speaks families. Getting to meet those parents, and our kids meeting other kids who have lost a sibling, made us feel normal. A weight was off our shoulders because we’re not the only one carrying this grief. There is power in numbers, and the retreat was just that.

Abel Speaks has given us a different sense of power and peace that we hadn’t had before.

Millies life truly does matter and will always matter. By faith, Millie still speaks!

-Mandi & Levi Fowler


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