Noah Arnold Speaks


Noah Lillian Arnold was due March 2023. A surprise for us all when that test turned positive. We weren’t ready for a third but were handed one much sooner than our own plans.

While coming to terms that we would soon have 3 under 3, our world was thrown upside down. On a Tuesday morning we received a phone call that Noah Lillian showed high markers for Turner’s Syndrome. We found ourselves sitting in a high risk office within a week getting a biopsy of Ashlyn’s placenta to confirm. And just two days after said biopsy, we received another phone call confirming Turner’s Syndrome.

An unplanned baby. An unplanned syndrome. At least unplanned according to our terms. Little did we know that we actually did not have control over any of this, we never did.

Our world kept moving so quickly yet we felt stuck, helpless, alone as we heard the words. There are many many emotions that come about when you hear your child has a life limiting diagnosis, a “wait to see how long she lives” diagnosis.

At Noah’s 17 week scan we received devastating news that she had developed Hydrops Fetalis. In other words, she had excess fluid buildup putting pressure on her brain, lungs, and other organs. We were told she will either pass away in utero or soon after she is born.

We got 24 weeks with our Noah Lillian. Ashlyn’s body went into labor on it’s own, and Noah Lillian was born still Decemer 7, 2022. We miss our girl every day. We wish she had a life on this earth alongside her 3 other sisters. But here we sit, a year out, still grieiving, forever honoring her, and learning how to incorporate joy into her memory.

We pray her story will continue to support others as they walk a similar path to ours. We praise God for Noah’s life, and we choose to continue to share it for the sole purpose of helping others.


Shortly after sharing Noah’s diagnosis, we had 4 different people point us to Abel Speaks. 4 different people who had no idea that each other existed. It was an immediate sign to reach out.

Since then our lives have been forever changed. We met community that “just get it”. We met lifelong friends who LOVE to hear about your child and vice versa. We have felt safe in our grief through the Abel Speaks community.

Because of how many other families have shared so openly about their children gone too soon, it encouraged us to do the same. If Noah’s life can encourage one mother, one father, or potentially bring hope to others grieving, then I will forever share it. And if her life could even monetarily help the ministry give the same hope to others, then I will share a campaign every day.

Without Abel Speaks hope would not have existed. Jesus would have been placed on the backburner.

By faith, Noah still speaks!

-Alex & Ashlyn Arnold


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