Who We Serve

Abel Speaks has a specific God-given vision to support families who have chosen to carry a child with a life-limiting diagnosis. That said, never hesitate to reach out, and even if we are not the right organization for your situation, we will do our absolute best to connect with a partner organization that is.

Medical Connections

We hope to connect our families to a network of medical providers who will value their child’s life in the same way that we do. Our desire is that every family will receive phenomenal care from a team of medical professionals who will partner with parents in making the right decisions for their family at each step of the way. There ARE incredible doctors out there who will care for you and your child.

Mentor Couples

Receiving a rare diagnosis can quickly feel alienating, like no one can truly understand the emotions that you are processing and experiencing. We know that feeling, but we’ve also experienced the empathy & understanding of other parents who have walked that same road while clinging to their faith in Christ. We firmly believe that the value of this emotional & spiritual support cannot be overstated, and desire for every family that we serve to experience this too.

Maternity & Birth Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We are committed to capturing images that will celebrate LIFE and commemorate the priceless memories that each family will share with their child throughout this entire season.

Professional Birth Support

We also offer birth support to our families in the form of a doula. Your doula will help you determine the things you value most so that you can clearly communicate what you want your baby's birthday to be like. Their role is to provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before & during childbirth and assist the family after the baby is born. 

Community Events

We long to facilitate fellowship by creating atmospheres where families can come together to be comforted, strengthened and encouraged as their journeys continue.

Keepsake Boxes

We’ve partnered with Wayfaren in hopes of creating something beautiful, functional and meaningful that will honor and celebrate the life of every child.



Every keepsake box is a specially handmade 13x13x5'' black walnut wooden box with the baby's name engraved on a slide top lid. Families can fill their box with commemorative items that are special to them, and will be delivered containing these personalized gifts and resources:

One Year Book of Hope
A Grace Disguised
Shane & Shane 'Psalms' album (digital download)
United Pursuit 'Simple Gospel' album (digital download)
• Bible with child's name engraved
• Candle  • Monogram baby blanket
Monogram Pendant Necklace

If you have a loved one who would be blessed by a keepsake box, please reach out to us at support@abelspeaks.org