Enjoy this short video capturing some moments and sentiments from our first Abel Speaks Community Retreat!

Video filmed and edited by Collin Sims (www.collinsims.com)

“There really aren’t enough words to describe how special the Abel Speaks retreat was to us. This was a time when we got to be “Reeves’ mama and daddy.” That’s not a title that is as visible in our every day lives. But it’s one that we hold very dear and are so proud of.

The Abel Speaks team was so thoughtful and intentional with every aspect of our time together… from the fun swag to the birthday cakes, the amazing accommodations and so much more. To gather with other families who have walked a similar road and to find comfort and encouragement in those new friendships was a gift. Thank you Abel Speaks for continuing to cherish our children and for creating space for us to heal through community, laughter, fun and rest. We can’t wait to do it again!”

– Kelly & Justin

“Goodness. I’ve been processing and trying to put a paragraph together to explain what this last weekend has meant to me. It was an honor to be surrounded by other moms and dads of angel babies, and an honor to hear their stories, talk about our babies together, to share tears and laughter at the same time, it was incredible. I’ve been telling Matt, it’s the best weekend I’ve had since we lost Copeland.

I can’t thank Abel Speaks enough for creating this intimate environment. The new families we met, they’re a new family and a new community that Matt and I are so excited about. We left with thankful hearts and our cups full, being reminded that God still has a beautiful plan for us, and is still using our boy for the Kingdom.”

– Taylor & Matt

“Have you ever been around a group of people that you don’t have to hold anything back from? Like that you can freely be you and you can freely talk about all things and not feel like you have to explain anything to them? This weekend we gathered with friends who feel like family. They understood our language, and we got to be the Bailey’s fully: Cooper, Jordon, Ira, Ellis, and Percy. We laughed and shed some tears and made life-long friends. We relaxed and ate and played and celebrated and didn’t cook a single meal (Hallelujah). Rest. A soul rest.

Abel Speaks brought these families together for the first of what I hope is a sweet tradition of families gathering to find rest and friendship amongst each other. We are so grateful for them and we love them so dearly.”

– Jordon & Cooper

“We were overwhelmed (in the best possible way) as we retreated and celebrated Israel’s life with the most incredible group of people. Meeting other families who have been through a similar journey as you, not having to endure the uncomfortable responses as you talk about a child no longer present, not having to explain the depth of your love for that child, getting asked about their life, getting asked to share their story, to hear your child’s name on the lips of others and see it written everywhere you look is beyond description.

The thoughtfulness and attention to detail was even greater than I expected (although I should have know how special they would make it). We made so many sweet friendships that we will cherish for a lifetime and hopefully get to continue to reconnect with year after year. We are so grateful God put Abel Speaks and these other families in our path.”

– Leah & Josh